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Auto Body Repair
Chapin Collision Services believes the "Perfect Repair" is an "Invisible Repair" - one that is undetectable. We take great pride in giving the best possible service throughout the entire repair process.

Our business success in our customer's complete satisfaction Workmanship & Quality are paramount at Chapin Collision Services in Chapin, South Carolina. Chapin Collision Services is fully equipped with the latest high tech equipment necessary for the expert repair of your vehicle.

We use the latest frame straightening equipment. Our computerized paint mixing and downdraft spray booth are state-of-the-art. Our personnel are thoroughly trained and tested on the use of our equipment and its exacting application in the repair process. We believe strongly that skilled craftsmen and the right tools are the keys to top quality repairs. Computerized Color Matching Color matching the paint on your vehicle is both an art and exacting science.

At Our Collision Service, we use computer-controlled color detection devices that provide the refinish technician with a precise formula to match the paint color on a vehicle.

Certified Collision Repair

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Chapin Collision Services
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SC 29036-8878
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We Have Gone Green!
Waterborne PaintPPG Chapin Collision Services Has Gone Green!

Chapin Collision Serrvices has taken a proactive stand in protecting the environment by going “ green” with its paint finishing system. The collision center recently switched to a low-VOC PPG waterborne basecoat from a conventional solvent-based system.

“Our use of waterborne basecoat for refinishing our customers’ vehicles significantly reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. This move further helps us do our part to improve the quality of our Enviromnet